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Hinding-hindi dapat mahiya ang mga taong nangahas na sumubok at nabigo; sila ang pinakamatagumpay na tao sa mundo.

— Ken Abante, Ateneo Valedictorian Class of 2012 (via spacesofsound)

20 March 2012 reblog: spacesofsound Life Hope

I think that we create experiences of eternity every time that we live an experience where we have the impression of a “founding”. That is… a kind of point where all is intertwined in our existence, where a large slice of life is decided, where a relation with beings is formed, is enjoined. There are instants of a quality so intense, that there are grains of eternity, and in a time which passes.

Paul Ricoeur.

Create eternity.

5 February 2012 Paul Ricoeur Death Eternity life Create eternity Philosophy